Millennial Trends/eBook

America's Most Wanted: The Millennial: How to Quad Decode and Trend Forecast

America's Most Wanted: The Millennial - How To Quad Decode and Trend Forecast is an unprecedented look at millennials through the creation and analysis of 4 specific groups. Providing insight and forecast whether the reader is at the conference room table or the kitchen table, author and digi-cultural trend analyst Lauren deLisa Coleman deciphers behavior patterns, busts myths, and delivers a completely new understanding on this 80+ million generation that has everyone clamoring. Via a technique she has created entitled cultural parsing, Coleman offers a fresh and organic understanding of the millennial that has been missing in the market. The book also provides true context for areas of disruption via a dynamic look at the millennial through specific popular culture hot buttons of celebrity, politics, race, and technology. America's Most Wanted is a completely new and hip look at the most fascinating demographic of our time.