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Lauren deLisa

Lauren deLisa is part of the new powerati-to-watch and a rising, formidable personality for the new era. A digi-cultural trend analyst, author, speaker, and host/producer; Lauren is is an expert at deciphering and forecasting power trends in our culture within the convergent arena of pop culture and emerging tech based on what she terms as "the end of authority, the rise of the leaderful". She helps people struggling with the new spirit of collectivism that is a direct result of a new individual mindset mixing with the power of technology. This is the Smartpower™ or "leaderful" class - a class that is quickly emerging in an era of decentralization that has given way to a time where everyone is his/her own publisher, broadcaster, educator, firestarter and more as a result of digital power. Lauren provides early digi-cultural forecasts and consistently provides insight into the question, "How does one succeed in a bottom-up era: that is, where the tech-savvy individual voice supercedes that of former, traditional authority outlets?" Based on her experience as a successful entrepreneur anticipating trends in the hip, digi-pop culture industry, she offers an integrated product suite of services (see "What I Do") designed to help people, brands and policy makers profit in a "leaderful" world.


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"HD by Lauren deLisa is a great example of ... [what we are] looking to share on our platform,...and we are thrilled to welcome the show to our growing network."
Paul Wright, Media Development, Comcast.

"Lauren has a lot of knowledge and a lot of understanding of what is happening now in technology. She's good at getting into the shoes of the end user and bringing a side to the digital space and technology discussions that often missing which is how people feel and are impacted by devices and trends."
Alexis Garrett Stodghill, Segment & Digital Producer, MSNBC, The Reid Report

"Lauren DeLisa Coleman is our go-to source for highlighting vital issues at the intersection of technology and culture. Her joint piece with Chuck D held the #1 post on the tech section for several days once it was posted and remains a classic."
Stuart Watley, Associate Editor, The Huffington Post

"I thought Lauren was a perfect fit for a tech centric column that focused on hip hop based on her past experience working with hip hop artists as a tech consultant and her experience as a writer for such known entities as the Huffington Post. It is rare to find people who not only have experience and technical knowledge, but also have the ability to deliver that knowledge in a meaningful and engaging manner."
Derek Frempong, Director of Technology, AllHipHop.com