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Predictive Trend Results:


  • Lauren is asked to speak at the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit on September 30, 2015 about Disruptive Trends for 2016. She indicates one of the top 3 to be a surge in Hip Hop Culture content distributed over current but unusual players that will overtake much of entertainment and social conscious conversation in America. This will be due to, in large part to, the large number of Millennials and their demand for new types of content coupled with the fact that 47% of Millennials are of color. By September 16, 2016 companies from Pepsi Studios announce an unprecedented deal with rapper T.I.'s production company, "The Get Down" begins to Air, rap artist Michel'le is set to debut a series on Lifetime, a network which also now distributes "The Rap Game." And FX, of all places, picks up "Atlanta" (about the Atlanta rap scene). On the money trend call!

  • On January 20, 2015 Lauren is asked to give a keynote at Destination D.C.'s Global Marketplace event where she indicates 3 new trends in travel for which all hospitality professionals should begin to prepare. Among the shifts and opportunities she mentions are that of hotels becoming live event destinations, particularly for the Millennial audience. In October 2016, Marriott announces a partnership with TED Talks for events at the hotel chain.

  • Lauren writes piece on Apple Music Launch citing the mlillennials probably won't pay for the service and that the trend is not right for this product in June, 2015. Read

    In October, Forbes declares that "Apple Music Has Failed" Read

  • August, 2015 - The Center for Media Justice releases study that shows that "the Internet is shaping social change, and social change is shaping the Internet" and entitles it "Digital CultureSHIFT." Lauren talks about the fundamental and symbiotic relationship between a new cultural mindset and technology platforms during a ground-breaking taped keynote presentation at both Digital Capital Week and a fall meeting of DC Web Women, as well as a within a thought-piece in Medium. She also coins the title Digi-Cultural Trend Analyst as a description of her work via her site in 2013.

  • Lauren identifies the power of the television program and notes it's cultural important in an investigative piece in "The Daily Beast" in May, 2015 which includes the observation of a rise of characters of color at the same occurrence of a rise of police brutality against people of color and the meaning of the social direction. Jonathan Van Meter mysteriously comes to the same conclusion in the September issue of Vogue in his piece on "Empire".

  • In 2013, Lauren predicts the end of fashion logo status as the Leaderful era expands and people self-determine, in 2015 "Washington Post" reports that Gucci and other luxury brands are suffering due to logo fatigue and customers wanting to reflect individual taste, rather than confirmitiy.

  • Lauren talks about the power of the emoji and future communication as sole manner for Millennials as almost a form of encryption in May 2014 on her Comcast show. June 2015 Norwegian airlines announces emoji only email address.

  • Lauren forecasts the rise of personal encryption in interview with Scripps , for in Feb, 2014. In March, 2015, Washington Post reports plan by Yahoo to help users encrypt their personal emails.

  • Lauren talks about the future expanse of beacons, including museums, here, Harvard museum announces use of iBeacons.

  • Lauren forecasts new developments in a race model in her February "Pop of Digi Culture", FBI director scheduled to make historic address on race now.

  • Lauren identifies a trend of lack of trust in "authority" in her book in 2012 and how it will affect larger cultural tug-of wars. On February 8, 2015, NBC's "Meet the Press" concludes that the larger trend of lack of trust in "authority" is the main drive behind the anti-vaccination movement in America.